The Galactic Mystery Bundle - Curated by Simon Kewin:

Discover ancient interstellar secrets, mythical alien races and mind-blowing technologies! I've curated the Galactic Mystery bundle for StoryBundle: a collection of eleven awe-inspiring novels by bestselling authors and rising stars.

I wanted to come up with a wide range of styles and tones in this bundle. Some of the books are gritty and dark as we battle cruel galactic overlords. Several feature seemingly unstoppable alien entities and miraculous technologies. One or two delve into the very nature of reality itself. More than one is a love letter to the Golden Age of science fiction. And some of the books are light-hearted or even fun in tone. All are intriguing, though, and all will take you on a journey to the stars to uncover intriguing and terrifying interstellar mysteries.

To find out more about the eleven books in this bundle, click here, and make sure to click on each cover for a synopsis, reviews and preview of each book!



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Lift Off by Tyrean Martinson

"This series has the potential to become a new-classic, space opera series."

– Toinette Thomas, Children’s Author

Dead Star - The Triple Stars Vol. 1 by Simon Kewin

"This is a wonderful, ambitious, exciting and incredibly well-written SF story, worthy of me labelling Simon Kewin as the next Arthur C Clarke."

– Speculative Faction Book Reviews

Dark Nebula - Books 1-3 by Sean Willson

"Exceptionally well thought out plot with believable characters, in short a cannot put down!"

– Mark S on Google Books (Book 1)

Birds of Paradise by Rudolf Kremers

"Rudolf Kremers presents us with a fully fleshed out universe and drags us into a gripping, fast-paced story of alien technology and humanity. A group of likeable characters and a gripping mission into an incredibly well painted world of far future sci-fi make this novel an absolute must for sci-fi fanatics. It is exciting to see where Kremers is going to take us next!"

– James Kay, on Goodreads

Synthesis: Weave by Rexx Deane

"An excellent debut novel from a talented writer. Fantastic plot, thoughtful, imaginative and perfectly paced. The characters are three dimensional, realistic and well balanced. A very enjoyable read, I was totally engrossed. Highly recommend this book. Looking forward to more from Rexx Deane."

– K D Hescott

Agrotharn by Milo James Fowler

"An epic, hilarious sword & sorcery adventure among the stars"

– Reader review

The Galathea Chronicles by J.J. Green

"Division amongst the crew, strange alien lifeforms and the possibility of death at every corner make for a heart pumping read. I enjoyed it a lot."

– Reader review

Loophole by Ian Stewart

"When universes collide…A multicosmos at war in a scenario of staggering, but scientifically authentic, invention… As if the Marvel multiverse collided with 2001: A Space Odyssey… I am awed, and I don't awe easily. The highest of high-concept SF."

– Stephen Baxter, Award-winning author of the Xeelee sequence, Time Slip and many others

Infinite Waste by Dean F. Wilson

"Dean Wilson is one of my favorite authors. Action-packed, clean, well written, interesting stories, great characters, never disappointing, always entertaining and worth the time reading. Highly recommended!"

– Reader review

Milijun by Clayton Graham

"Captured my interest from the very beginning, and never once let go."

– Jenna – Indie Book Reviewers

Grand Master's Pawn by Aurora Springer

"I enjoyed this story. The world building made me use my imagination and it was truly beautiful. If you like Sci-Fi and romance, this book's for you!"


Home World - The Triple Stars - Vol. 0 by Simon Kewin

"The suspense kept me reading, and the ending left me wanting more. Recommended."

– Reader review



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