The 2018 Truly Epic Fantasy Bundle, curated by Kevin J. Anderson:

It's time to embark on a reading quest, and I've got a baker's dozen of books that will fill your imagination with magic, monsters, and heroes. I've curated this year's Truly Epic Fantasy StoryBundle featuring some of the most ambitious and talented indie authors.

I'm putting in my just-released volume of Selected Stories: Fantasy, and I'm really proud of this collection spanning much of my career: 26 stories in a wide range of fantasy about obsessed sea captains, shape shifters, enchanted loincloths, bumbling knights in shining armor, ghosts haunting Shakespeare's Globe Theater, a homeless mother and a troll under a bridge, Captain Nemo and his Nautilus, H.G. Wells's Martians, and a very strange Wisconsin small town.

You can get ALL 13 of these books for as little as $15 (you name your own price), and a portion of the funds goes to benefit the Challenger Learning Centers for Space Science Education, and the rest of the money directly supports these indie authors. But the Truly Epic Fantasy StoryBundle will be around for only three weeks. Time to pack up your reading device and set off on the quest!

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  • Authors Support awesome indie authors by paying however much you think their work is worth!
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Into the Darkness - The Cathell Series Book One by A.M. Rycroft

"Adventure, magic, and an ancient evil […] What more could you ask for?"


Magic & Manners by C.E. Murphy

"C.E. Murphy is that rare author who seems at ease writing in any subgenre, in any setting, in any time period."

– David B. Coe, on MAGIC & MANNERS

Warrior Mage - Chains of Honor Book 1 by Lindsay Buroker

"Another flawlessly written book by Lindsay Buroker!! This was so hard to put down and I was so into the story that I did not even notice I had reached the end!"

– Amanda

Forsaken Prince - Kilenya Chronicles Book One by Andrea Pearson

"From the very first page, the story just takes off. I was sucked right in and could barely put Forsaken Prince down."

– Heather E. Hejduk

This Crumbling Pageant - The Fury Triad Volume One by Patricia Burroughs

"If you took Harry Potter, changed him to Harriet and moved his birthday back almost 200 years, you might get this book. Might. Like Harry Potter, this world of This Crumbling Pageant is imaginative and vividly drawn. There is no school of witchcraft and wizardry, but there is a tutor who practices a form a Legilimancy (and who is very likely to remind the reader of Severus Snape on occasion)…. As dark as the HP books got, however, this book is far, far darker. I wasn't expecting violence to get to George R. R. Martin level, but yeah, it went there a time or two!"

– USA Today Best-Selling Author Ashlyn Macnamara

The Crimson Claymore - The Claymore of Calthoria Book One by Craig A. Price Jr.

"Its fair to say I'm a picky reader and don't read as much as I'd like to. However, upon finding this book I became hooked on many of Craig's other works and highly recommend this one in particular.

"Fantastic and vivid descriptions of the world and characters alike. Plenty of gritty action and soft-hearted moments to keep the most distracted eyes glued to its pages."

– Amazon Customer

Tarbin's True Heir - The Recharging Book One by Kelly Lynn Colby

"Young adult readers will enjoy Kelly Lynn Colby's coming-of-age tale of a feisty princess on a quest to achieve her rightful place as ruler. Intrigue, betrayal, true fellowship, and interesting world building make Tarbin's True Heir a romp of a read."

– Jody Lynn Nye

A Portion of Dragon & Chips by Simon Haynes

"What a fun unique and enjoyable story. I could not put this book down and thoroughly enjoyed the mix of future and medieval characters. Witty, engaging and a journey that has non-stop action throughout."

– Amazon Review

Selected Stories - Fantasy by Kevin J. Anderson

"Kevin J. Anderson is one of the best plotters in the business."

– Brandon Sanderson

The Crown and the Dragon by John D. Payne

"This is fast-paced epic fantasy . . . If you're looking for the action and adventure of the Game of Thrones and don't want the blood and the nihilism, The Crown and the Dragon may be just the book for you."

– Author D.J. Butler, Witchy Eye

The Iron Thane by Jason Henderson

"The Iron Thane begins a folkloristic epic fantasy series that is both vigorous action story-telling and also literary in scope, drawing in Shakespeare, Goethe, and other early modern and older sources to form a potent and unforgettable brew."

– Amazon Review

The Halfblood War by L. Deni Colter

"A grand epic fantasy in the classic tradition. The Halfblood War is filled with capricious and dangerous elves, epic battles, and star-crossed lovers. The characters are compelling, the worldbuilding well-realized, and the multiple plot lines pull together into a wonderfully satisfying conclusion in this stand alone epic, sure to please fans of Katherine Kurtz's Deryni series."

– D. J. Butler, author of Witchy Winter

Wildmane - Threadweavers Book One by Todd Fahnestock

"Wildmane is captivating from the start, with a unique and enchanting world full of engaging characters. Fahnestock's ability to develop heroes and villains alike makes for an exciting and enjoyable read that I couldn't put down! While the journey of Mirolah and Wildmane builds at an exciting pace, the supporting characters are just as intriguing and provide a rich context that I'm now emotionally invested in. Well-written and imaginative, I can't wait to read more as this series continues!"

– Jaclyn (Amazon reader)



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