The Best of Joseph R. Lallo Bundle: StoryBundle and I go way back. All the way back, in fact. Bypass Gemini was part of the submission pile from which the Big Bang Bundle was composed. Since then I've been a regular contributor and curator of bundles. I'm proud of what the site has become, and of the work I've done for it. StoryBundle has filled my ereader with dozens of great books, and introduced my stories to thousands of new readers. Over the years, nearly every book I've written has been included in this bundle or that, from sci-fi to fantasy and many points between. Even some strange little oddities that defy simple classification found their way into bundles. Today, the folks behind the site have seen fit to give me another unique distinction: the first ever recap bundle!

This bundle is a nearly-comprehensive sampling of my many literary passions over the years. And to sweeten the deal even further, purchasing this bundle gets you the chance to win one of three prize packs! One lucky winner will get the chance to name a character in the upcoming fifth installment in the Big Sigma Saga. Another will get a pair of color physical collectibles from my fantasy and sci-fi worlds. This includes a hand painted, limited edition casting of Myn the dragon, a full-color 3D print of Squee the Funk, and a faux bronze 3D print of Nita's Wrench. A matching prize pack will include the same figurines, but in an unpainted/white state. To enter to win, just name your own price, download the books, and enjoy!

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The Book of Deacon 1+2 - StoryBundle Edition by Joseph R. Lallo

"I began this series with the opening novel, which was sandwiched into the middle of an anthology. Once I finished The Book of Deacon, I forgot all about the anthology as I delved into the rest of the series. This remarkable world of war and magic and alien secrets kept me reading into the wee hours of many nights."

– J. M. Brown (Amazon Customer)

The Book of Deacon Book 3: The Battle of Verril - StoryBundle Edition by Joseph R. Lallo

"It is a great read, so difficult to put down. It is purely fantasy dealing with dragons magic and a group of five trying to save the world from evil diabolical magical creatures from another world. It is honestly something I thought I would never enjoy reading, but found myself relating to the main character, Myranda and sympathizing with the band of wary travelers through out the whole of the first three books I've read."

– Megan Williams (Amazon Customer)

The Book of Deacon Book 4: The D'Karon Apprentice by Joseph R. Lallo

"For quite some time, I've been in a seemingly endless and hopeless search for a fictitious adventure that suited my tastes. The Book of Deacon series has truly been a breath of fresh air. This book in particular was the best I've read in a long time. One thing good readers do is to actively predict what will happen in a book based off of previous situations, and throughout the entire book I've done so and was caught by surprise every time."

– Levi Ayal Kuskie (Amazon Customer)

Between by Joseph R. Lallo

"A merging of magic and hard core science is there, yet unlike most hard scify books - he makes it fun, human and alien, at the same time! Very unique and a must read."

– Ray Woosley (Amazon Customer)

Big Sigma 3 - Artificial Evolution by Joseph R. Lallo

"I'm ashamed to admit that I was up to all hours last night finishing off this book, it's that good you just can't put it down. Following on from the success of the first two Big Sigma novels this episode continues to enthrall."

– NatMac (Amazon Customer)

Big Sigma 1+2 - StoryBundle Edition by Joseph R. Lallo

"I've read just about everything Joseph Lallo has written. I enjoy them all but the Big Sigma series is my favorite! Science fiction with a tremendous sense of humor and well developed characters make this the "most quotes highlighted" of all his books I've read."

– Todd F. Chappell (Amazon Customer)

Big Sigma 4 - Temporal Contingency by Joseph R. Lallo

"OMG! How can you top time travel?! It's always a hard subject for Sci Fi writers and you can never escape paradoxes, it takes a v good author to make the paradoxes workable, while there were still questions (there always is!) Mr Lallo again brings a fantastic story to the table, his most fast paced twisty one yet IMO."

– Shola (Amazon Customer)

Free-Wrench 1+2 - StoryBundle Edition by Joseph R. Lallo

"I have heard of Steampunk before, but this was my first time actually reading this scenario. I throughly enjoyed the story line and the plot. After reading the first chapter I was drawn in to the story. It was entertaining and a very believable story. I would like to recommend that everyone try out this unique style of story telling. I was entertained to the last page of this book."

– Ron J. (Amazon Customer)

Free-Wrench 3 - Ichor Well by Joseph R. Lallo

"I enjoy the Free Wrench stories because of the ingenuity, sheer insanity, and grand adventures centered on good, if a little odd, people. This book holds true to those elements and offers some growing moments I wasn't expecting."

– Margaret Fisk (Amazon Customer)

Free-Wrench 4 - The Calderan Problem by Joseph R. Lallo

"The crew of the "Wind Breaker" ride again and Lallo does not disappoint. I loved it. This is the 4th book in the series and all of the crew have gotten to be old friends. Their adventures are always an enjoyable read and each book is a stand alone novel while they just keep adding more depth to the characters. Read it and enjoy the ride."

– S Q-ba (iBooks Customer)

Rogue Derelict by Joseph R. Lallo

"I'm so happy that Mr. Lallo decided to write a story in the Fallen Empire World because I really enjoyed it! I've read all of his Big Sigma books and when I saw he had written a book in this world I grabbed it up. The characters are fun and the situation they get into is fast paced and requires lots of shooting, explosions and creative thinking to solve."

– ck762 (Amazon Customer)

Structophis by Joseph R. Lallo

"Wonderful original storyline. It took about a chapter to pull me in because of the unique situations surrounding the interesting creature. The beginning has less action, but is necessary to understand the plot. This cute story is worth the read, give it a chance and you will want a creature of your own!"

– Becky Farrah (Amazon Customer)

The Adventures of Rustle and Eddy by Joseph R. Lallo

I loved Rustle and Eddy! It's a beautiful story of unlikely friendship, adventure, and childlike curiosity. When you read stories of fairies and merfolk, you so often get the female perspective, but Lallo offers a fresh approach with a male fairy and a merman as his leading characters. Rustle is a fairy who is careful and reserved with a secret yearning to see and experience the world, and Eddy is a merman with a brave and excitable heart for adventure. Each chapter left me wanting more as I fell in love with this bizarre pair, and I can't wait to see what new adventures await Russell and Eddy. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves adventure, magic, and rooting for the underdog. I can't wait to share it with my nephews!

– Shera Lynn Ramsey, Fellow Author

The Other Eight by Joseph R. Lallo

"Great set up, actually a thoughtful story on motivations and ego (and id!). But fun all the way. Fun read. Grassy Ass to Mr. Lallo. And, yes you need to read the book to get the joke."

– kyose100 (Amazon Customer)



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