The Stalking the Dead - A Supernatural Detective Bundle - Curated by Margaret Curelas: I love detective stories. Reluctant detectives, cynical detectives, detectives who drown their sorrows in a bottle of cheap whiskey. I also love ghost stories and all things uncanny, which means some of my favorite books feature supernatural detectives—those lucky few who investigate flickering lights and strange noises in supposedly empty houses. Those who make deals with trickster gods. Those who navigate multiple worlds and realities.

The Supernatural Detective Bundle contains several stories about ghosts and their unfinished business—some sad, some creepy, and some malevolent. Others are about otherworldly creatures like vampires and gods and their intricate machinations. All the stories are about the people called upon to risk their lives and sanity to solve that strange death, protecting their family, friends, and, incidentally, the world.

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The Killing Beach - With Bonus Novella by Skyla Dawn Cameron

"The dark and strangely comforting mystery I didn't know I needed in my life."

– Errant Dreams

Olympia Investigations - The First Four Cases by Sherry D. Ramsey

"The real magic in the story is in several very likable characters."

– 5 star Amazon review

Death Coach by Sandra Wickham

"Sandra Wickham has filled a world—one much like ours—with well-drawn, vivid, and relatable characters. Death Coach grabs the reader from the first chapter and ratchets the tension tighter to a fantastic finale. Full of interesting magic, spooky ghosts and a unique take on the afterlife, Death Coach is slick, fun, and has a heart of gold."

– Chadwick Ginther, Author of the Thunder Road Trilogy and Graveyard Mind

Guardian of Chaos by Michelle Manus

"I love the world that Nyx Fortuna is thrust into... Fans of Ilona Andrews and her InnKeeper Chronicles will enjoy this one."

– Caffeinated Reviewer

Spirit Caller Vol. 1-4 by Krista D. Ball

"This book took me by storm and won a special place in my heart. Short, sweet, to the point…I found it satisfying, off beat, and fun."

– Janny Wurts, author of The Wars of Light and Shadow

Blood Kissed by Keri Arthur

"If you are looking for something fresh, fun, with a twist on witches and werewolves, then get your hands on BLOOD KISSED by author Keri Arthur and enjoy!"

– Annetta Sweetko, Fresh Fiction Reviews

Dying on Second by E.C. Bell

"E.C. Bell combines the wit and charm of Maureen Jennings with the magical touch of Charles de Lint; Dying on Second is a home run, a joy from first page to last."

– Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo Award-winning author of┬áThe Oppenheimer Alternative

Urban Shaman by C.E. Murphy

"A swift pace, a good mystery, a likeable protagonist, magic, danger—Urban Shaman has them in spades."

– Jim Butcher, bestselling author of The Dresden Files

Phantom Echoes by BD Wilson

"BD Wilson's Phantom Echoes is a tightly plotted ghost story filled with lush descriptions – especially of scents and sounds – and deftly-crafted relationships. It is fifty percent cozy, fifty percent creepy and one hundred percent satisfying."

– R. Parrish, Amazon Review

Over the River by October Weeks

"…It's dark, fascinating, and filled with solid, believable lore. I thought everything in this book seemed well researched and put together. I could see this as a real tale of a haunting."

– Amazon review



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