Aside from battling it out on the keyboard, Jason Letts is an endurance athlete and World's Toughest Mudder competitor, and he has the scars to prove it. He enjoys running forest trails, cycling winding back-country roads, and exploring rivers and lakes in a kayak. He reads mostly fantasy and has all his life, not because it's trendy or violent, but because good fantasy always speaks to something essential about the human condition.

Powerless - Omnibus Edition by Jason Letts

The first three books of the five book Powerless series are now available in this special omnibus edition!

In a world where everyone has a unique, magical power, the only girl without one must find a way to bring her family together. Mira Ipswich couldn't have ever known the startling difference that separates her from the rest of humanity. But when she discovers a strange anomaly in the midst of her seclusion, her parents are forced to reveal she exists in a world where everyone is imbued with a wondrous natural gift. Everyone except herself that is. As this naïve, headstrong girl attempts to understand her inconceivable condition and fit in with peers, she becomes embroiled with the dangerous forces that threaten her homeland.

The first three books in this tale of discovery and excitement are available now. In The Synthesis, Mira struggles over how to achieve her ambitious goals while being hopelessly different. In The Shadowing, she and her friends take on mentors who offer them disturbing truths about the world they live in. And in the third book, The Stasis, this small group of teens must set off for the warfront and the confrontation that has awaited them their entire lives. The danger and intensity grow exponentially, and only the strength of their friendships will determine if they persevere.



  • "I really liked the first book for getting the reader started into this world. It at first reminded me of Anne of Green Gables meets Harry Potter. It quickly shifted into Harry Potter meets Genius Girl. And that's all good. There are so many characters with so many attributes and so much depth and Jason does a fantastic job of introducing them and keeping them all in order so it’s not difficult to keep track. It's been said that Mira is a very conflicted character and I agree- but in truth many of the characters in the story are conflicted for different reasons. I think the author lays the seeds for this well, but has taken on an awesome task. Thankfully he tells a story well and keeps track of his characters as he goes."

    Amazon Reader Review
  • "Mira is a very complex character. Because her parents kept her isolated as a child, she finds herself as an outsider in a group of friends that have been together since they were very young. Her parents were trying to protect her because she is the only one in their world that wasn't born with a special power. Each book in this 3 book series gives Mira a new challenge to face and overcome. She doesn't always handle herself with grace or tact, but what teenager does? Through all of her many trials she learns some important life lessons and gains strength that she didn't know that she had.

    There are still 2 more books in the series. I haven't read them yet, but when I got to the end of this 3 book series I knew that I had to find out how Mira and her friends continue their battle.

    All of the characters in this series are so well developed and experience such deep hardship that it isn't hard to sympathize with all of them, even the ones you really thought you were supposed to despise.

    If you like adventure, fantasy, science fiction with a lot of action and some surprising twists, don't miss this series."

    Amazon Reader Review
  • "I bought this book for my Kindle, based on the rating it had on Amazon as well as the price. I was expecting it to be good, but I was really surprised at how good it is. Powerless is a young adult series about a young woman and her friends, and it is beautifully written. Jason Letts gives us fantastic but very real characters in an interesting world. He also gives us a really great story! I could hardly put this book down, and time and again I was surprised at how things turned out in the story when they could have easily been clichéd. There are twists and surprises of course, but it never gives you that "I have read this a thousand times" feeling. Refreshing! To be honest, I have nearly finished the third book already! I'm not sure I completely bought into the main character's scientific skills, but otherwise this has been one of the best books I have read in years. Don't be afraid that this is a young adult novel, it is highly recommended to anyone who likes a good fantasy."

    Amazon Reader Review



Mr. Fortst took a moment to wistfully admire the students who stood before him and mumbled something about the importance of this occasion in their lives. How precious is youth, he said, and he inquired about what the day’s results would set in motion.

"Ok, last year’s rank will work as a seeding system. Vern, you’re up first and your opponent is Mira, since she doesn’t have a rank. Take your places and let’s get started!"

The students scattered, taking up spots in the nooks and branches of the trees. Fortst found a good vantage point along the sideline. As they walked to their starting points, Vern and Mira glanced at each other.

"No place to hide now. I hope you’ve got something good to show us," Vern said.

Mira’s heart raced in her chest. She couldn’t have said anything if she wanted to. Placing her front foot just behind the line, she looked up to see the gangly boy across the field and the white ball sitting on the grass between them. She focused on her game plan and looked over for the signal to start. Vern too adopted a ready position.

All of the students looked on as Fortst raised one arm high into the air. Letting it fall while whistling, the match began. Both competitors immediately sprinted toward the center. A few steps in, Mira let out a shrill and harrowing scream, causing Vern to look about in a frantic manner. After a moment when nothing happened, he raised his hand and a strange sensation came over Mira.

Pushing her legs as hard as she could, Mira suddenly felt like the Earth no longer pulled her down. Instead, her body began to fall forward and for a second she floated above the ground. Once her body had been completely swept into horizontal motion, Vern lowered his hand and let Mira’s body drop to the ground. She fell flat on her face.

She looked up just in time to see Vern scoop up the ball and jog it back to his goal. The reality of what happened made her wince. In vain, Mira closed her eyes to block it out, but the sound of the cheering and hollering students snuck into her head. She grabbed at the grass and tore it out. She wanted to scream into the dirt...