Kathe Koja writes novels, short fiction, and performance pieces, and directs and produces immersive narratives. Her work has won multiple awards, including the Bram Stoker Award, the Locus Award, and the Henry Bergh Award, and has been optioned for film and performance. She's based in Detroit and thinks globally. Her newest project is DARK FACTORY, coming in 2022.

Six Stories by Kathe Koja

6 STORIES: A choice collection of Kathe Koja's fiction, six stories of weird and passionate fiction never before paired together, six glimpses into the warm dark of the human mind.


When I discovered that Kathe has a beautiful trade paper story collection from Four Walls Eight Windows but the publisher didn't offer an ebook, I asked if she could prepare a mini-collection as an exclusive ebook for StoryBundle. Did she ever! Kathe cherry-picked these stories from diverse anthologies, several of them edited by the acclaimed Ellen Datlow. Kathe's signature visceral style is intimately grounded in her characters, inside their heads and their unique realities. As a reader, you will easily sympathize with people on the edge of society, sometimes on the edge of sanity, and experience their revelations. Enjoy Kathe's exclusive 6 Stories in The Story Collection StoryBundle.



  • "Daring . . . reminiscent of Poe and Calvino . . . In these stories, Koja uses her considerable gift for sensory description to real purpose."

    – Publishers Weekly
  • "Koja's provocative storylines and evocative prose combine reality with invention, the supernatural with the everyday."

    – New York Times Book Review



He drove the feeder road to the sounds of Mozart, 40's show tunes, flashy Tex-Mex pop. Beside him sat the string bag, bulging loose and uneven, like a body with a tumor, many tumors; like strange fruit; like a bag of gold from a fairy tale. The hair in the bag was beautiful, a thick and living bronze like the pelt of an animal, a thoroughbred, a beast prized for its fur. He had braided it carefully, with skill and a certain love, and secured it at the bottom with a small blue plastic bow. The other items in the bag he had purchased at a hardware store, just like he used to; the soda bottle he had gotten at the airport, and emptied in the men's room sink. – from "At Eventide"