Joseph R. Lallo was born in Bayonne, NJ. For most of his life, writing was an interest that he used to fill those spare moments when he should have been studying or doing other more productive activities. This continued all the way through college, graduate school where he earned a masters of computer engineering, and nearly a decade as an IT specialist. On January 28th 2010, after several dozen failed attempts to have his stories traditionally published, his friends convinced him to self-publish. A year later he had earned $19, so he decided to make the first book in his series free. The following month he made $1900 and was well on his way to a career in self-publishing.

Primarily known for his Book of Deacon fantasy series, Joseph R. Lallo has released more than two books in a variety of settings. These include the six books in the Deacon setting, seven science fiction novels in the Big Sigma series, a superhero satire called The Other Eight, and six steampunk novels called the Free-Wrench series.

Weird Nothing by Joseph R. Lallo

Small towns can be a little weird. In this one, weird is nothing.

Raymond is new in town, and he's not happy about it. Coming from the big city to this backwater burg feels like a punishment. There's just no excitement! But Lewis, a local boy desperate for a new friend, is determined to show him that there's more to this place than it seems. When all else fails, he points out the old, abandoned army laboratory called Cobalt Ridge. It looks pretty interesting, and Lewis' grandfather has a key!

Surely there's no harm in taking a little look. What's the worst that could happen…

Weird Nothing is a webcomic collaboration between Joseph R. Lallo and Adam J. Hall. It is an ongoing project with semi-regular updates at This is a collected edition of the first four chapters.


My own contribution to the bundle, Weird Nothing is a testament to how effectively story can flow from art. Adam J. Hall, a fan of my Book of Deacon story, had reached out to me about collaborating on a webcomic. He showed me two character designs as examples of recent pieces he'd been working on. Both were young boys, no history or characterization attached beyond what I could read in their faces and visual personalities. The raw character present in his art caused a tale of broken realities and cold war technologies to come tumbling out. This remains one of my favorite collaborations. – Joseph R. Lallo



  • "I wish for more Weird Nothing. If I were to be reductive, it shares a number of traits with Gravity Falls, which is an awesome series that was also cut short. It's weird how both of these properties are similar in a number of ways.

    The two main characters counter and compliment each other in various ways that make following along funny and endearing. It takes place in remote Americana with a secret underbelly that tickles my curiosity and desire to explore what-comes-next. These are the two main ingredients that form an exotic story cocktail that is like distilled catnip to me. I'm sure when you get to the end, you'll also wish for more Weird Nothing."

    – Cary Golomb (Goodreads)
  • "A young techno kid, Ray and his parents, move from safe and secure home in the city, to a rural countryside. Has surprise new friend in a local neighborhood kid, Lewis, who is a great foil to his analytical brain. A young kind of Sherlock & Watson vibe.

    New adventure investigating an old base and the trail is hot to find out where the world is getting energy bumps from.

    Quick and easy to read, and has you routing for the 'new kid on the block', and his sidekick."

    – Nims (Goodreads)