Evan Dahm lives in Queens and is from North Carolina. He has been making and self-publishing online and in print fantasy-adventure graphic novels since 2006, including Rice Boy, Order of Tales, Vattu (an Ignatz Award winnder), and 3rd Voice. He has also made the Island Book trilogy for First Second Books, and The Harrowing of Hell for Iron Circus Comics.

Vattu: the Name & the Mark by Evan Dahm

Vattu is an expansive anthropological fantasy story about imperialism and identity. It was published online from 2010 to 2022.

Vattu, a girl from a nomadic society, is abducted by the conquering empire of Sahta.


Evan Dahm's gift for worldbuilding is just shy of supernatural. Vattu is an epic tale of incredible scope, one that spans thousands of pages and chronicles the fascinating history of a world of such depth and detail that the comic feels like not just a narrative, but an education. Vattu isn't merely a comic, it is an achievement. – Joseph R. Lallo



  • "Vattu is an intimate dissection of the brutal price of empire and rebellion, of exile and assimilation. Dahm has built a sprawling and well-crafted geopolitical fantasy populated by a complex cast that carries the emotional core of the story through imperialisti tribulations. Vattu is gripping, a beautifully conceived comic and a necessary read"

    – Sloane Leong (Prism Stalker)
  • "Everything in his worlds is pushed just a tiny bit into the alien—so the picture of the whole is gaspingly strange, and beautiful, and compelling."

    – Carla Speed McNeil (Finder)
  • "It took me a couple of days to read Rice Boy, and when I wasn't reading it, I couldn't wait until I was"

    – Jeff Smith (Bone, RASL, TUKI)