Daisy Finch McGuire is a queer lady cartoonist based in Minneapolis.

Aside from her ongoing adventure comedy series, Gastrophobia, she's also worked freelance for Nickelodeon Magazine, SpongeBob Comics, Paradox Space (a.k.a. Homestuck), Iron Circus Comics, and various anthologies.

Gastrophobia 1 - The 12 Labours of Gastrophobia by Daisy Finch McGuire

Phobia, an egotistical single mom Amazon tries her best to raise her ADHD son Gastro in traditional warrior tradition, but unfortunately for her, he's fully assimilated into Ancient Greek culture.

They have adventures together with Klepto, a charming Greek slave. In book 3, Klepto's trans ex-girlfriend joins the main cast.


A frequent over-simplification of comics is the division of the medium into "narrative" and "gag" comics. Daisy Finch McGuire proves with Gastrophobia that the presence of gags does not rule out the possibility of a rich narrative and deep character development. As endearing as it is humorous, I truly enjoyed watching the family of characters grow and strengthen. – Joseph R. Lallo