BMBrice is the creative mind behind the Supercell graphic novel; a project born out of a colorful journey spanning years of living in three different countries around the globe; a career in 2D & 3D character art in the animation and game dev industries; A love for the theater and martial arts that came together for a stage combat certification; and currently, working as a mental health coach helping people struggling through personal struggles like feelings of depression, video game addiction, or a general lack of social skills. Also, they have four cats, which at the end of the day is the most important thing for a writer!

Supercell - Book 1 by BMBrice

Trapped in a contested valley between the two largest empires on the continent, the Nasriaten Cultural Exchange Academy is one of the few "olive branches" keeping a sixty-year-old cold war from exploding into an apocalypse of battle-magic and railgun fire. Within the sanctuary of the walls of this snobby, rich kid school, lies a top-secret military training program where the overzealous sixteen-year-old, Kheil Nazuret's biggest concern is winning back the affections of her father, the school's icy Headmaster. But when a ghost from her father's past threatens to kick down the Academy's door and expose its true purpose, it's up to Kheil to somehow rally a class of half-trained child soldiers into a fighting force capable of shattering an invasion.

Supercell is a PG-13ish graphic novel aimed at fans of fantasy/sci-fi young adult fiction, featuring a wide variety of characters, both literally and figuratively. It is a story where the younger characters have to rise up to the challenges of highly capable adults rather than one where general adult incompetence is the only reason the young characters get lead role. Thematically, it will delve into poignant themes like ethics, psychological abuse, socio-political dynamics and ideological dissonance partnered with flashy, climactic magitech battles! And while romance won't be much of a focus at all, there will be plenty of friendship, loyalty, betrayals, disappointment and hopefully all the feels!


One of the final additions to the bundle, Super Cell checked a lot of boxes for me as I dove into the story. More accessible for readers accustomed to the superhero plots and settings, I felt like it was an excellent bridge from the mainstream to the underground with respect to this collection. The art style is lush and the comics are exciting. A worthy and exhilarating entry to the bundle for sure. – Joseph R. Lallo