KC Green has drawn comics since he was little. He’s recently gotten pretty good at them. He does comics and stories at gunshowcomic.com and writes for the Regular Show comic book at Boom.

Gunshow Volume 5 - All of Our Friends are Dead by KC Green

Gunshow Volume 5 "All of our Friends are Dead" contains more stories jokes and odd sadness from the webcomic GUNSHOW. Contains stories such as "ARM," "That Time Wolves Ate Up Everyone on Earth and Also Ate God," "Friday the 13th stories about Jason and his Odd Friend," and that's really all the big stories. Contains lots of Snakes and Dark Homers as well.


Gunshow is easily one of the funniest comics on the internet. This is a full-color collection of Gunshow comics. Therefore, the math proves this book is awesome. – The Devastator



  • "It’s unbridled chaos that never ceases to be funny."

    El Santo
  • "The word I always associate with KC Green is fearless."

    Gary Tyrrell