David Neth is the author of the Coven series, the Heat series, the Fuse series, the Under the Moon series, and other stories. He lives in Batavia, NY, where he dreams of a successful publishing career and opening his own bookstore.

Harpy - Coven Book 1 by David Neth

Saving him is their job, but it won't get his victim justice.

Samantha and Kathy are witches who protect the nonmagical from evil. So when they spot a coven of harpies targeting Mark, a nonmagical man, they immediately rush to save him.

With the threat of the harpies still looming over Mark, the sisters learn more about him and the target on his back. Namely, that the harpies are hunting him to drag him to hell to pay for his crimes against a young woman. However, that presents a dilemma for Samantha and Kathy: do they follow their duties as witches and save the man who harmed a young woman or do they step aside and let the harpies drag him to hell to pay for those crimes?

The clock is ticking and the longer it takes Samantha and Kathy to decide what to do, the more innocent people that will be hurt by the harpies while they wait to sink their claws into Mark.

Harpy is the first book in the Coven series, which serves as a prequel series to the Under the Moon series.


David Neth was new to me, but I fell in love with his Harpy series. The juxtaposition of duty vs. what's right has always appealed to me, and I'm sure it will appeal to you as well! – Leah R Cutter



  • "A suspense filled thriller starring two witches charged with protecting a man who they totally dislike. Will they let the harpies haul him off to Hell or will they do their job?"

    – Reader review 5 stars
  • "I absolutely loved this book! It was like I was actually there with Kathy and Samantha. It's definitely one of the best books I've ever read. I have to say I'm very impressed with the writing and the whole story to be honest. Every single morning I would wake up and tell my mom everything about it. Thank you David Neth for writing this amazing book!"

    – Reader review 5 stars
  • "Samantha and Kitty are sisters, they are also witches. After seeing three harpies attack a man, they begin to check out why they attacked. The witches know he must have done something wrong since Harpies only go after really bad people. Find out what he did and what happens to him in Harpy."

    – Reader review 5 stars



"You certainly sound excited about this job, but it sounds dreadfully boring to me." Kathy sat back in her seat and popped a French fry in her mouth.

The sisters had a seat outdoor on the sidewalk at a pub on State Street in downtown Erie. The gentle breeze offered relief to the otherwise hot day. More than once, Samantha wished she had stopped at the house long enough to change, but if that were the case, her rationality that they didn't have much money would've kicked in and she would've opted to not go to lunch. This moment deserved a celebration.

"We are two very different people," Samantha replied.

"With one very similar trait."

Their magic. Both sisters loved being witches, but only Samantha felt continuously inconvenienced by it…and equally obligated to use her powers to help people. It was a double-edged sword, being a witch.

Samantha never liked even alluding to their magic in public, so Kathy quickly changed the subject.

"I applied to three jobs today and I'm going to go back to another place tomorrow to talk to the manager about getting an application."

"Where'd you apply?"

"Woolworth's, Grant's—I'm going to go back to this diner place tomorrow. I guess they need another waitress."

"Waitressing? And cashiering? Kathy, don't you want something more stable?"

She shrugged. "Maybe, but when Jeremy and I get married it won't really matter, will it?"

"That is incredibly short-sighted."

"Well, if you're making me choose between slaving away for a career or enjoying my life as it is, I pick living my life the way I want. Now, if I've been relieved of my Cinderella duty for the day, I'd like to ask your permission to see my boyfriend for our date this afternoon."

Samantha shot her a look. "My permission?"

"I mean, you've been bossing me around a bit, haven't you? Do you not like it because it has a ring of truth to it?" She hooked an eyebrow and gave her sister a smirk.

"Holding you to a higher standard and expecting you to pull your weight around the house when you don't have a job does not make me a slave-driver."

"No, it makes you a mother and you are certainly not mine."

"Anyway…" Samantha drew out the word. "You can see Jeremy whenever you want. Just don't marry him so I get off your back about getting a job. Whether or not there's a ring on your finger, I still want the best for you."

"And I love you for that, but I'm good." Kathy pushed her plate back. "Besides, I think you deserve some quality time with your boo."

"My boo?"

"Steven. You two have been going together for a couple years."

"So have you and Jeremy," Samantha fired back. "That is, if we're not counting the breakups."

"We don't break up, we take breaks," Kathy clarified. "And we're talking about you right now."

"No, you're talking about me." Samantha waved down the waitress. "I'm trying to get out of this conversation because I know where it's going."

"Come on!" Kathy nagged. "Even you have to admit that you think a proposal is coming."

The waitress came and handed Samantha the check and collected their plates.

When she was gone, Samantha pulled money out of her wallet and said, "Just because you want me to get engaged for some reason doesn't mean it's going to happen. Steven and I are just—we're good. Just as we are for now."

"But soon—"

"I don't know." Samantha said with finality. She closed her wallet and stuck it back in her purse. "Are you ready?"


When they stood to walk around the gate separating the eating area from the sidewalk, they were nearly hit by a man running by. He wore a tie over his white button-down shirt that was coming untucked from his black pants.


Samantha and Kathy exchanged glances with each other and watched the man run right through the crosswalk at the end of the block without stopping. Cars honked as they swerved to miss him. Cuss words erupted from their open windows.

Moments later, Kathy noticed three large birds swooping by them overhead. Except, something was off about them. She nudged her sister and pointed.

Without a word, both of them took off in a run in pursuit of the man and the strange bird creatures. Their boyfriends would have to wait. They needed to be witches right now.