Rudy Rucker has written forty books, both pop science and SF novels in the cyberpunk and transreal styles. He received Philip K. Dick awards for his Software and Wetware. He worked as a professor of computer science in Silicon Valley. He paints works relating to his tales. His stories can be read online his Complete Stories webpage. His for coming novel Juicy Ghosts is about telepathy, immortality, and assassinating an evil, insane President who has stolen an election. Rudy blogs at

Juicy Ghosts by Rudy Rucker

Telepathy, digital immortality, gossip molecules, and artificial ghosts, set amid a pitched battle to oust the evil forces of the nanopercenters, the Citadel Club, the Top Party, and the falsely elected President Ross Treadle.



  • "Rudy Rucker's great new novel, Juicy Ghosts, represents a wise man working at the peak of his powers. Ripe with satire, humor, empathy and tough-minded political hardball, this book exhibits all the shining Rucker talismans, from telepathy to immortality, from gonzo shenanigans to chaotic redemption. With a stellar cast of high-tech lowlifes, male and female both, dialogue that crackles and amuses, and a fire in its belly, Juicy Ghosts outlines a path into our mutual future that is painted in rainbow bioluminescent neon colors."

    – Paul Di Filippo
  • "Juicy Ghosts is some of Rudy's best stuff, it flows wonderfully, and the characters are great. A thing of absolutely breakneck pace, with high energy throughout. Nonstop insanity."

    – Marc Laidlaw, author of The Gargoyle’s Handbook and writer of the videogame Half-Life.



"Hi, I'm Molly. Do I know you?"

I hit him with my smile and widen my eyes. I touch him on his cheek. He's weathered, but handsome, in a costume-party way, and with a beard. He's far from being a Californian. A Euro tech bro? Quiet, watchful, and with a feral quality, like a dog with no master.

"Now known," says he. "I'll message you a link to my lifebox. You may research how awesome is Anselm Saarikoski of Copenhagen. Product designer for the Finn Junkers. I'm sending you my link. Well known in cool circles. Junker is an old word that means young noble. We're not noble by family tree, but by—extreme excellence."

The soft plastic uvvy phone on the back of my neck twitches. Anselm has sent me a link to his cloud-based lifebox—the kind of personal database we used to call a home page. The word lifebox carries with it the buzzy hope that, as tech moves forward, we might someday have immortal online souls.