Jutoh is suitable for creating ebooks for books with relatively simple formatting requirements. So, it's great for novels, self-improvement books, biographies, and so on, but not so good for mathematics textbooks.

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Jutoh 3 is a sophisticated e-book editor for Windows, Mac and Linux. Create professional-looking e-books for Kindle, Apple Books, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and more, importing from existing files or creating your content from scratch. You can edit and format your content, creating tables, pictures, indexes and bibliographies if needed. Jutoh also has creativity and motivation tools: plan complex plots with the Storyboard, set writing goals, improve your craft with writing exercises, and brush up your fiction writing with the bundled e-book "Fiction: The Facts".

Jutoh Plus adds further time-saving features, including simple scripts for automating Jutoh operations, an HTML template system, customizable automated error-checking for punctuation, spelling and other errors, and a tool to help automate the creation of multiple e-books customized for individual customers.