Craig retired from the Marine Corps after a long career in the military intelligence community, having worked with most of the U.S. Government's three-letter agencies. After retiring and a short stint with physical security, Craig went to law school, graduated summa cum laude, and went into business consulting. From intelligence to the inner workings of company board rooms, to on the ground leadership, Craig has seen it firsthand.

His books are an extension of his experience, putting the trials and tribulations of a fast-paced world into your hands. Whether in Science Fiction, Thrillers, Fantasy, or even his Non-Fiction, you'll find consistent themes of justice and doing right by those who are counting on their leaders. Leadership is a service, not a crown to lord over others.

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Successful Indie Author Release Strategies by Craig Martelle

Do you publish one book a year? Or twenty? Here's a secret. You can be successful with either. Publish your books in a way that brings you the most readers.

Put the experience of over one hundred book launches to work for you. Right here. Release Strategies. It's how successful indie authors get ahead. Plan. Prepare. And Execute.

With checklists, recommendations, and candid discussion, you'll find everything you need to determine your best publication strategy. Implement one or many and keep your foot on the gas. It's time to take the ride of your life.



  • "What this book does is help you, the fledgling author, learn the mindset, the whys and the what behind having a productive launch."

    – Reader review
  • "The only comprehensive and practical guide to deciding when and how to release your indie / self-published books."

    – Reader review
  • "This stuff is priceless, and a real bargain at around five bucks. I stopped reading the first book in this series at the newsletter part to go jump into Tammi Labrecque's book, then I jumped into this one. Now I'm heading back to the first book."

    – Reader review


Manage your readers’ expectations. Tell them what you’re going to do, and then do it. That’s how you build trust. When it comes to the frequency of your publications and their size, you can do whatever works best for you as long as you manage those expectations. Period. Whatever you tell them, that’s what they will believe. Treat them like fragile golden eggs and deliver unto them the chocolatey goodness of your great story. It seems simple, but there are a great number of moving parts within this paradigm. How do you connect with your readers in the first place? How do you know what you are capable of? How frequently should you release, and what is the right length for your books? That’s what Release Strategies is all about.