Andrea Pearson, co-host of the popular Six-Figure Authors podcast, has published over two million words under three pen names, including 40+ novels, several non-fiction books, multiple novellas and short stories, and over a hundred articles for professional blogs and websites. She is a regular instructor for WMG's Business Master Class for Authors, and she was executive director for Indie Author Hub for a year and a half. Learn more about her at

Killer Content by Andrea Pearson

Are you an author who struggles to get readers to do anything after opening your emails, let alone download your books? Does coming up with not just content, but the right content for your newsletter stress you out and give you anxiety? If so, Killer Content: How to Use Your Author Newsletter to Convert Readers into True Fans and Sell Your Books will be a lifesaver.

In this book, Andrea Pearson, co-host of the Six-Figure Authors podcast, will teach you:

•Multiple proven sales methods guaranteed to deliver results
•How to effectively use storytelling in your emails
•Several topics you should avoid
•How to tailor your newsletters to your specific subscribers
•The personality type readers respond best to
o(This one just might surprise you!)

And so much more. If you need confidence where your list is concerned, let Andrea help. Grab your copy of Killer Content today to get the results you want!



  • "Andrea's professionalism and experience really shine. Versed in both high-level concept and on-the-ground implementation, she knows how to help authors understand the tools and strategies they need to take charge of their book marketing."

    – Anthony St. Clair, freelance writer & author of the Rucksack Universe series
  • "Andrea Pearson has a solid knowledge of the indie marketplace. Her advice and help has proven invaluable as she nudged me to do the useful stuff I couldn't figure out on my own. It has really pushed me forward."

    – Kevin J. Anderson, New York Times bestselling author of The Dark Between the Stars



Choose an overall goal for your newsletter. That will probably be something like, "Keep people updated on what I'm writing and sell my books." Write your goal down somewhere you can see it every time you compose a new email for your list, and as you're working, check yourself to make sure what you're putting in your email pushes yourself and your readers toward that goal.

Beyond that, each email will also need a goal. Not every single communication needs to ask readers to buy, and shouldn't. But every email should remind readers that you're an author.

If you don't know the purpose of an email, don't send it. Readers won't know what to do, and you'll come across as vague or flaky, neither of which will help your overall goal. If your emails regularly (or even occasionally) don't have a purpose, readers will stop opening them.

Possible goals for individual emails:
•Downloads on backlist books
•Downloads on new books
•Increase your social media presence
•Build up your review and street team
•Get reviews
oDoesn't mean they need to join your team, but you can ask for reviews on a specific book
•Give you positive feedback and make you feel legit
oFeeling like a real author is a great goal. We all know plenty of authors who have imposter syndrome
•Prayer/send positive thoughts during difficult times
oAgain, relating things back to books in some way (difficult times make it hard to write, etc.)
•Enter giveaways
•Poll your readers
oOne of my favorite things to do!
•Download another author's book
•Have a fun time reading your email
oCharacter interviews
oAuthor spotlights
oShort stories
oIllustrations for your book

We'll discuss almost all of these further along in the book, but mainly the first two points. Many studies have been conducted that show that email marketing is still one of the most important, powerful, and effective tools online marketers have. (And yes, if you're trying to sell books online, you're an online marketer.) If you don't have the right foundation, though, it doesn't matter how many emails you send. Allow me to help you find your footings and create powerful emails that get results.