Annie Nicholas writes vampire urban fantasies and paranormal romances with bite. She has courted vampires, hunted with shifters, and slain a dragon's ego all with the might of her pen. Besides writing, she is also an urban farmer, dog rescuer, and best cook in her house—fine, only cook in her house.

Her book series include Not This Series (Humorous Paranormal Romance), Angler (Vampire Urban Fantasy), Vanguards (Geeky Shifters), Chronicles of Eorthe (Shifter/Vampire Dark Alternate Universe), and Lake City Stories (Hot Succubus Mischief).

Vampire Bait by Annie Nicholas

Live bait makes all the difference.

Mysterious deaths have occurred in Budapest and vampires are suspected. Connie Bence fits the victim profile perfectly so her slayer boss sends her to draw out the vampires responsible, except when the bait is taken, the vampires escape with her as a hostage. She's hurled into vampire society, where she must face her greatest fear—her undeniable attraction to the vampire overlord Rurik. After her husband's death, Connie thought her heart too broken to ever love again, but the lure of an immortal man is strong.

The body count keeps rising, the pressure is on, and the slayers want a stake through Rurik's heart. Is he guilty? Connie doesn't think so, but if not him, then who? If she doesn't find out soon, the people she cares about stand to become collateral damage.

The first heart stopping installment of Connie Bence's adventures.


Annie shares a devious murder mystery set in Budapest packed full of vampires and slayers. The imagery and descriptions in Vampire Bait will make you feel like you're overseas, a welcome escape for 2020. And we go beyond Twilight with a heroine determined to stand on her own two feet and tackle vampires on her own terms. – Michelle Fox



  • "This is book is so much darn fun! Once I started it was impossible to stop. I read the book in a day and even signed up for kindle unlimited so that I could read the entire series - all of which took 3 days. I honestly can't remember the last time I had a book thoroughly sweep me away. Connie's and Rurik's relationship develops amid some funny, dangerous and interesting adventures throughout Europe. If you need a breath of fresh air and a fun read, this series is for you. It was unpredictable, funny and let me wanting more. I cannot wait for the 7th book to be released so I can finally see how it all ends!"

    – Amazon review
  • "This is one of the best vampire books I've ever read, with twists and turns that kept me guessing throughout the book. Very well done!"

    – Cara Bristol
  • "In the tradition of Laurell K. Hamilton and Jim Butcher, Annie Nicholas has created a first person POV book about Connie Bence. What Nicholas has managed to do, that so few authors manage, is to create a character who is tough but also sensitive and approachable. She's funny but not over the top sarcastic. She's likable and she's carrying around a burden that would destroy people much taller than she is. Bravo to Ms. Nicholas. This is Angler #1. I'm so excited for #2. Oh..and it doesn't hurt that Rurik is so delicious. LOL."

    – Rebecca Royce
  • "I've had this book in my To Read for ages, should have read it ages ago it was great. Connie is what's known as Bait, a lure for vampires so the team behind her headed by Colby can destroy their target, unfortunately the current target is the head vampire of Budapest and Rurik isn't that easy to kill. Wow, lots of amazing twists and turns in this read, amazing story, plot, characters and the descriptions of Budapest are great. This book has so much mystery and mistrust you don't know whether you're coming or going, the angst is through the roof, but in the midst is a cute love brewing that surprises everyone, lots of banter from characters, some very sweet love scenes, and some scary moments. Loved this book so I can't wait to read the series."

    – Amazon review



Live bait made all the difference, pretty much a no-brainer. If the prey hungered, it was best to use someone like me. Most people don't believe in vampires, thinking them myth or legend. I know otherwise. My job comprised of luring these monsters to their executioner.

I was bait and I had been having trouble attracting my quarry's attention. So, in desperation, I dressed outside the Budapest nightlife norm. The beautiful, exotic eastern European women filled the place with their form fitting, dark clothes and smoky make-up. Time was running out and this look made my five-foot-two frame invisible in this crowd where I had to stand out.

Instead, I tousled my shoulder-length, blond curls and applied only a little lip gloss. The high-waisted, filmy white dress made me a beacon in the dark, especially since it had a horrid neckline low enough that I had better not sneeze. The silver stiletto heels gave me some extra height to be seen. I pulled out every trick I knew to lure out vampires. Time I hooked me a monster and reeled him in.

The popular nightclub jammed, and on any other night I'd be having a great time, but the crush of people made it difficult to spot anyone. Even with heels I had trouble seeing anything. I twisted and swung my hips to the pounding music as I grooved across the sunken dance floor. Tables stood around the edges so the patrons could watch.

I should have shimmied instead of turned when someone's elbow made contact with my forehead. Flailing, I tottered on my heels, tripped over someone's foot, and landed on the empty staircase.

Legs sprawled, white dress twisted too high and pulled too low, I gripped my throbbing head in surprise as the world spun.

A shadow blocked out the colored lights reflecting off the mirrored walls. It distracted me from my revealing predicament. Large, strong hands grasped my shoulders. I gazed up and my heart raced.

Rurik. The target I had hunted for in every ruin-club, open-air party, and disco in Budapest. A delicious, hunky, make-me-swoon vampire.

He lifted me to my feet and said something in Hungarian.

Tourists had a better grasp on the language than I did. My employer hadn't given me time to prepare before shoving a plane ticket in one of my handa and the assignment in the other. I shook my head. "English?" My heart hammered faster than the music's beat. I'd searched weeks for him and he found me. Finally.

His cold, arctic, eyes bore into mine. Even with me wearing heels he towered over me. I couldn't help but admire his dark, slicked back hair, exposing fine sculpted cheekbones, a narrow face, and a set of full lush lips—all male and very tasty.

Once assured I could stand on my own, he released me, and brought my hand to his mouth to brush those lush lips against my knuckles. "You're an unexpected treasure," he translated over the loud music.