Robert J. McCarter is the author of seven novels, three novellas, and dozens of short stories. He is a finalist for the Writers of the Future Contest and his stories have appeared or are forthcoming in The Saturday Evening Post, Pulphouse Fiction Magazine, Fiction River, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, and numerous anthologies.

His latest effort is a serialized novel called Woody and June Versus the Apocalypse, a story of adventure and love and taking things (even the apocalypse) in stride. Of his novel, Seeing Forever, Kirkus Reviews says, "Sci-fi as it should be: engaging, moving, and grand in scope."

He lives in the mountains of Arizona with his amazing wife and his ridiculously adorable dogs.

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Meteor Attack! by Robert J. McCarter

Falling in love and saving the world...

When Nik Nichols (aka Neutrinoman) and Licia Lopez (aka Lightningirl) first touch, electrons and neutrinos fly. But neither wants a relationship, both overwhelmed by their new superpowers, keeping their identities secret, and dealing with the demands of the military.

But now, with a huge planet killing asteroid hurtling towards the Earth, can they master their powers, save the world, and fall in love?

From the author of Woody and June versus the Apocalypse comes Meteor Attack!, episode 1 of Neutrinoman and Lightningirl: A Love Story. A fun, romantic, superhero adventure unlike anything you've ever read before.


Robert J. McCarter might have one of the most distinctive voices in fiction. And he brings all that fantastic power and strange ways of looking at the world to bear in his novel Meteor Attack! Superheroes falling in love and saving the world. But in Robert's masterful hands, these are not just regular superheroes. And they don't just regularly save the world. Fantastic fun. – Dean Wesley Smith



  • "Well worth the time. Can't wait to read ALL the follow ups."

    – Amazon Review
  • "I grew up reading Sci Fi Authors like Andre Norton, Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, etc....And Meteor Attack! reminds me very much of that style of Science Fiction."

    – Amazon Review
  • "This one feels as though I've met these people. Robert takes the superhero origin story, and twists it. He goes straight to the end, to the middle, moves us around effortlessly , and immediately makes the characters real... This is an intelligent storyteller, telling stories of love, stories of growth, real seeming people (at least, the people you'd want to be and to know) plonked into intriguing, what if scenarios."

    – Amazon Review




Spring 2025, Casita de Soledad, Central Arizona

"So?" I asked her, my eyes taunting her, daring her. "Where should I start?"

Her brown eyes wandered before meeting mine, her shoulders shrugging as she said, "Well, if you must do this, start at the most important part."

We stood in the living room of our little adobe casita, the high-desert sunset bathing her beautiful face in golden light. After all these years I was a happy man just staring at her.

"The origin story?" I said. "How we became superheroes? That's it. How it really all began, not the PR-scrubbed version that everyone knows."

She shook her head, her long black hair gliding back and forth across her shoulders. "No, no. Those stories are good and heroic, and close enough. Everyone knows them, start at the most important part."

I had the feeling I was being tested. It wasn't the first time she made me feel that way (not by a long shot), nor the last.

"Uhh," I said, my index finger pointing heavenward. "The climactic battle when we defeated the Arcturian Alliance, and then go backwards from there. That is—"

"Not the most important part," she said, cutting me off. She walked over, her hand resting gently on my chest, the yellow and white tendrils of energy arcing back and forth as our bodies did their dance. I felt the electrical tingle I had felt since the first time we had touched. It still thrilled me each and every time.

I nodded my head and smiled, she followed suit. "The most important part is…" I began, watching her right eyebrow arch. "The most important part is… it's…" Suddenly I knew what it was and I knew what kind of story I was going to write. "It's when we met," I said with a smile.

She smiled wide and full, rewarding me with the grace of her pleasure. "That's my man, my Neutrinoman," she said, invoking an old ritual between us.

"That's my girl, my Lightningirl," I replied, sweeping her up into my arms, feeling electricity course through me as I carried her towards the bedroom. She giggled a girlish giggle, and my writing was forgotten for the day.

Before that moment I knew this was a story of superheroes and cataclysmic events, a story of aliens and war, of change and human fallibility. But that one moment with her, with my love, made it clear that this was to be—first and foremost—a love story.