Chris Reher was born on a dark and stormy night at the very northern end of Germany, where things tend to be dark and stormy. Her placement in a Danish kindergarten frequently left her parents confused but ignited her love of language at a tender age. She moved to Canada some years later, where she added the language (not French) in which she now creates science fiction adventures, most often in the form of fast-paced space opera. She blames Battlestar Galactica for informing her formative years. As of 2018, she has penned nine speculative fiction novels and has appeared in several anthologies. The two Targon Tales series are now available in audio format, published by Podium Publishing. In her spare time, she breeds tardigrades in her garden.

Only Human (Targon Tales: Book 2) by Chris Reher

Captain Nova Whiteside is assigned to the elite Vanguard task force assembled to combat an increasingly dangerous rebel force. Her no-nonsense new commander is of an enigmatic and reclusive species that soon figures most decisively in the balance of power.

Their pursuit of a ruthless rebel leader takes them through the worlds and dangers of the Commonwealth-dominated Targon sector where the line between their personal lives and their mission quickly begins to blur.

On their quest to recover a dangerous, living weapon in rebel hands it seems that the greatest opposition comes from among their own people and Nova must choose between duty to her command and loyalty to her friends.


A book in the middle of a series can often be problematic. New readers might be lost, uncertain of this character or that plot thread. Not so with the books of the Targon Tales. Though they are undeniably part of the same universe, and each expands the scope of the adventure, this book is just as satisfying as a standalone. Brilliantly done. – Joseph R. Lallo



  • "I completely enjoyed this novel. The aspect that was a bit challenging was that I was unable to put it down! The characters were all interesting and well defined. The various alien characters were smoothly developed, rather than just dropped into the story. Many were likable and a natural part of the story, which was well developed and had a very logical flow to it. It is a riveting battle tale that will capture the reader in the mire of a well written story. I completely recommend this book to any sci-fi reader!"

    – Amazon Review
  • "Wonderful science fiction book. This book is well thought out with a number of interesting races and worlds. The technology is believable and I liked that although war and conflict plays a central part, the military details and hardware are not the focus of the story. The editing was also pro-quality. I loved the main characters and the worlds and I hope (and beg) you plan to continue their story."

    – Amazon Review
  • "The story is well crafted and the world building is well done. I would say the core plot point is "cultural difference" between aliens and humans, with a romance built between two warriors. The character development was seamless and the primary characters filled out well. The story line was entertaining and the plot was pushed just at the right speed to keep the detail sharp but the reader interested. No spoilers from me. It is a worthy addition to your reading pleasure."

    – Amazon Review
  • "OMG, I loved it! What a surprise from a series, thanks Chris. Read the book again? I probably will. Again great characters, loved the story. Microphone drop, walk off stage."

    – Amazon Review
  • "This space opera at its very best - no pages of tactics or political theory, no mind numbing physics lesson on how or why the weapons and ships work- just great adventures with real diverse people who interact the way we would like to do .Can't wait to read the rest of Nova adventures."

    – Amazon Review
  • "I really enjoyed this one. It had all the action, drama, characters and even a touch of romance to keep things interesting. The writing was crisp and clear. The characters and the various species interaction was very well done. Very much worth reading!"

    – Amazon Review



"I would have appreciated a meeting in little more… wholesome surroundings," Velani sniffed disapprovingly. He looked up at the Human who had brought him here, then at the Caspian sitting across the table.

Pe Khoja studied the Delphian through half-closed lids. Pinched, aristocratic face with a beak of a nose. A voice that grated. Not so young anymore; Pe Khoja judged him to be third, maybe even fourth quarter. Skin of the left forefinger worn-looking as if from the chafe of a heavy ring worn for years. Maybe the sapphire ring worn by Shantirs. Just as interesting, the Delphian was barely able to maintain the arrogant indifference so carefully practiced by his people.

He slumped deep into his seat and drew a knee up against the edge of the table. His eyes searched through the noisy, surging crowd around them, seeing no one loiter, no one watching. If there were Union agents here, they were well concealed. The nervous Delphian before him sat erect in a crowd of slouchers, eyeing a brawlsome group of travelers at a nearby table as if he expected an imminent assault. He looked out of place here in Feron's only public airport and interstellar launch.

It took hard-earned experience to distinguish ticket-holding commuters from the riffraff of thieves, panhandlers and whores. Moneyed people used Feron's Union-owned airdrome on the other side of the glaring, blaring city. No one ever came here to stay. It was a stopover at best. A fortunate few used the launch to leave this place forever. For Pe Khoja, the mining planet was a place to meet pirates and renegades, his most valuable contacts. When possible, he avoided it altogether.

He glanced up at the pilot that had delivered Velani. "Get lost."

Fynn Bridger looked from him to the Delphian and then moved away, his eyes on the surging crowd around them.

"This will do for our first date," Pe Khoja said to Velani. "Now tell me why a Delphian is looking for the likes of me."