Gary Butterfield is a musician, author, podcaster, and games critic living in Portland, Oregon. He's the co-host of several shows on the popular Podcast Network, including Bonfireside Chat and Watch Out For Fireballs!

Souls of Darkness - The Audiobook! by Gary Butterfield

Souls of Darkness is a Dark Souls parody book based on the classic Worlds of Power line of children's books. it takes the basic framework of the series (young child gets sucked into their favorite video game) and applies it to a fictional NES style game, Souls of Darkness. Souls of Darkness is, in turn, based on Dark Souls, but reworked as if it were a Nintendo game. Yes, it's confusing.

Really, all you need to know is that it's a rollicking adventure tale, full of affectionate goofs on classic NES games, overtly commercial adver-lit for children, and most of all, Dark Souls. It's filled with references and in-jokes to the passionate Souls community while simultaneously holding up as a funny adventure yarn.

Follow Maya Hunter as she quests for the four Soul Orbs she needs to rescue her sister and confront The Callow King, deep within the Silver City. Catch the Power, Today!



  • "I absolutely loved "Souls of Darkness" It was like revisiting my childhood as an adult, eerily familiar, however a completely unique experience, just as hilarious and terrifying as childhood tends to be."

    – Luke Palmer, Goodreads
  • "... He's managed to capture the silliness inherent in early video game books as well as the modern culture that surrounds the work he's parodying, all in a quick narrative that I read in an hour or so. I'd gladly read any other Power Worlds books that came out."

    – Dorchadas, Goodreads
  • "Souls of Darkness is a great quick, fun, and funny book. I laughed out loud several times and have quoted several lines from the book to my friends. I highly recommend anyone that's a fan of Dark Souls, World of Nintendo books, or someone just looking for a light funny book, to read "Souls of Darkness".

    – Jacob Strohmaier, Goodreads