The Airships and Clockwork Steampunk Bundle, curated by Kevin J. Anderson:

We are building up reading steam for a brand-new collection, the Airships and Clockwork Steampunk StoryBundle.

I've put together a baker's dozen titles of gears and zeppelins, mechanical dragons, lost cities, frock coats, and tea, the best books from indie authors, all for whatever price you choose to pay. A portion of the money directly benefits the Challenger Learning Center for Space Science Education, and the earnings support indie authors.

Read more about the 13 books in the bundle here, and make sure to click on each cover for a synopsis, reviews and preview of each book.



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Mr. Wells & the Martians by Kevin J. Anderson

"Wells and Anderson fans should be delighted."

– Booklist

Alchemical Solutions by Tracy Cembor

The story was crazy and imaginative and I loved it. So yeah, five stars, and sign me up for the next Dreamless City Story!"

– Goodreads Revierw

Tenlyres - Bondmage Book One by Tim Niederriter

"I loved every word and every minute!"

– Amazon Review

Gateway to Rust & Ruin by Robert E. Vardeman

"This is a fun steampunk story with eccentric (some would say mad) geniuses competing to dominate the skies of Europe (with airships) and control access to the strange, newly discovered dimension of rust, where entropy seems to rule all. The heroes in this story are bold, the villains dastardly, and flirtatious interplay between Sir Francis and Nicole is entertaining. You'll find historical figures, too, some of whom are leading very different lives than they did in our world. In all, it's another great romp for Bob Vardeman…"

– Steven D. Sullivan, author, FROST HARROW

A Curious Invasion by Marie Andreas

"Forget Doctor Quinn, meet Dr. Jones. She kicks ass and takes one liners all while properly coiffed and riding a steam cycle. Follow the adventures of Britain's coolest secret agent in a fun, smartass steampunk romp through Victorian London."

– Amazon Review

Amena's Rise to Stardom! by Kristen S. Walker

"We are able to understand a bit more about the backstory of the Divine Warriors, as well as how this world evolves and works in real time. History has a place, as it spills into the present, and hopefully can successfully guide the future. Amena has her own journey to travel (much like Riwenne), with secrets and misplaced hopes."

– AngieB

Westward, Ho - Golden West Book 1 by J.R. Murdock

"Westward, Ho! is set in 1885 in an alternate steampowered/clockwork America with a passing element of fantasy. Basically, steampowered devices are common place and Giants are the oppressed indigenous population. But that's just the window dressing for a story telling a journey from New York to California. As with all good stories, there is conflict and character growth and yes even some tragedy."

– Amazon Revew

Mechanical Dragons by Bobbi Schemerhorn

"That's a great premise if I've ever heard one. Paired with reminiscent tones of beloved anime such as Fullmetal Alchemist, a touch of DragonAge, and mechanical dragons, this was a quick and enjoyable read."

– Alyssa, Amazon Review

The Perfect Perfume and Other Tales by Anthea Sharp

"A superb collection. Steampunk dirigibles, clockwork mechanical fantasies, magic and adventure - rousingly fantastic tales all perfectly written with this author's trademark fun plots and superb characters."

– The Mysterious Amazon Customer

Where the Devil Resides by Travis Heermann

"The story kind of has a bit of a Lovecraft vibe with a dash of a Philip Jose Farmer or Edgar Rice Burroughs or even a bit of a perverse Treasure Island. I enjoyed it. Kind of Wild Wild South or Wild Wild Swamp if you will."

– Amazon Review



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