The Targets Locked Military SF Bundle, curated by Kevin J. Anderson:

Aliens are invading. The human race is in danger. The galaxy is facing countless threats. It's time to call out the troops, send in the space marines, muster the galactic fleet. And you get to read it all.

Bestselling author Kevin J. Anderson has curated a gigantic new Military SF StoryBundle, TARGETS LOCKED, with a dozen action-packed titles, all for immediate download into your e-reader, and you name your own price. This bundle includes THREE boxed sets and one omnibus, for a total of 25 big tales to enjoy.

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Tales of B-Company - The Complete Collection by Chris Pourteau

"[Pourteau] has populated the now more tactile and detailed Pennsylvania world with unforgettable characters who live and breathe and leap from the page—characters for whom I began to care more deeply the more I read about them… what Chris has produced here … is on par with or better than my original Pennsylvania story."

– Michael Bunker, author of The Pennsylvania Omnibus and Brother, Frank

The Bad Company Book One: Age of Expansion by Craig Martelle and Michael Anderle

"TH's running commentary while everything is total chaos is hilarious. The action continued non-stop for the entire book. TH and company deliver a whole bunch of tough love and whoop ass!"

– Amazon Review

Portal Wars 1: Gehenna Dawn by Jay Allan

"Well written military sci-fi with a strong dose of morality added in. Jake, a young man conscripted to fight off-world to save his family, if only temporarily, from the boot of a central world government bent on total control of the world's population. A government that won't stop at anything that serves their pursuit of absolute power. Jake is sent to a planet to fight and die in support of the goals of these elite. And in the process he survives for ten years, where other men didn't survive their first ten days. But what Jake learns after years of fighting and dying is just how senseless his war really was and what true evil there is in the world."

– Amazon Review

Gladiator by Jonathan P. Brazee

1."Col. Brazee has outdone himself with this one. This the best book of any kind that I have read in a long time. He created superb characters with real feelings and real interactions. The story grabs you and won't let go. Semper Fi indeed."

– Amazon Review

Cold War: Alien Incursion by Julia Vee and Ken Bebelle

"Cold War is a quick, sci-fi read that kept me captivated throughout. Sometimes when I read science-fiction, it takes a long time to make sense of the characters and their world. In the case of Cold War, Cam and Jonesy's situation made sense to me from chapter one. Authors Ken Bebelle and Julia Vee built a robust world full of aliens, destruction, and surprises. I'm looking forward to the second book in this series."

– Amazon Review

Devils & Black Sheep by C. S. Ferguson

"A band of space pirates, comes across a valuable stolen package. Everyone is after the package. The pirates must keep together and try and make sense out of what is happening.

I liked the interesting main characters and unpredictable plot. The author has a great imagination and obvious talent, and produced a good first effort. If you like sci-fi in space, this one will probably make you happy."

– NetGalley

Soldiers of Fame and Fortune: Vol 1-4 by Michael Todd and Michael Anderle

"Join the gang at Fubar. Have a one-of-a-kind drink and settle back to hear stories of the legends who have gone into the thick one time too many and did not come out. I really enjoyed the "story within a story" concept of this book. I highly recommend this series! I am on to check out more!"

– Amazon Review

Soldiers of Fame and Fortune: Vol 5-8 by Michael Todd and Michael Anderle

"The whole series and every spin-off is great. I've been reading one each day. Can't get enough. Keep up the good work."

– Amazon Review

The Indigo Reports - Story 1: New Star Rising by Tracy Cooper-Posey

"Cooper-Posey is an awesome storyteller and I love how she develops her characters. You won't be disappointed if you're looking for a journey into a never-explored futuristic world before."

– Amazon Review

Three Military SF Novellas by Kevin J. Anderson

"I'm slowly building up the complete collection of Kevin Anderson stories and this short story is a gem. But then again, who would expect less from a confirmed master story teller?"

– Amazon Review

Phule’s Company Volumes 1-3 Boxed Set by Robert Lynn Asprin

"Behind the puerile punning names and extraterrestrial setting stands a modest, winning story about a commander who builds a company of misfits, rejects and even a few aliens into a disciplined military outfit. Tricked into taking on the worst detachment in a far outpost of the Space Legion, Captain Willard Phule uses every resource in his control, particularly his immense wealth and his knowledge of how to motivate and lead people, to whip his skeptical crew of strays into shape and make them feel that they have, at last, found a home. This lighthearted tale is part science fiction, part spoof, part heart-warmer, its farcical elements pitted against the proper, stuffy voice of Phule's butler, Beeker, whose wry commentary precedes each section of narrative. Phule rings true as an astute entrepreneur of the human (and nonhuman) spirit. The psychological acumen that colors Asprin's characterizations, Phule in particular, gives the book the verisimilitude that is the essence of successful science fiction. Asprin wrote the Myth series."

– Publishers Weekly



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