The Latinx SFF Bundle, curated by Silvia Moreno-Garcia: Latin American science fiction and fantasy occupy an odd in-between space. The commercial categories we denominate fantasy, science fiction and horror don't traditionally exist in Latin America. Instead, the fantastical is either simply called literature or receives the moniker of magical realism.

This means finding speculative fiction is trickier and more complex in this part of the world. It also means that Latinx authors may derive their SFF canon from a very different well than their Anglo counterparts. While science fiction and fantasy are normally associated with Tolkien or Asimov, a Latinx writer might be more inclined to think of Isabel Allende or Julio Cortázar. At the same time, it is not unusual for Latinx authors to have also been exposed to Anglo pop culture, fantasy and science fiction. Finally, since Latin America is a large region, the history, culture and folklore of Latinx writers may be radically different from one another.

The result is a wild, eclectic field of the fantastic, which is reflected by the selections in this bundle.

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Signal to Noise by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

"Haunting and beautifully nuanced, Signal to Noise is a magical first novel."

– The Guardian

Ink by Sabrina Vourvoulias

"Tight-paced and surreal, Ink paints a dystopian vision in which the American dream morphs into an immigration nightmare. Weaving the fantastical with the everyday, Vourvoulias tells a story as unsettling as it is timely. A resonant, indelible novel."

– Jhumpa Lahiri, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Interpreter of Maladies, The Namesake, Unaccustomed Earth, and The Lowland

The Closet of Discarded Dreams by Rudy Ch. Garcia

"The Closet of Discarded Dreams – a cornucopia of image and incident, a Dantean journey, an amazing gothic ziggurat, replete with eyeball kicks and well-powered by Garcia's hypnotic stew of spanglo slanguage, wry and funny, with mordant takes on Chicano life amidst Anglos. At a meta-level, the book is about the author's quest to dream it up. Spicy and satisfying."

– Rudy Rucker, author of The Ware Tetralogy, a cyberpunk founder and Philip K. Dick Award winner

Virgins & Tricksters by Rosalie Morales Kearns

"Full of succinct, smart tales rooted in and rooting around in a female-centered spirituality, [with] rich and strong characters and vivid particulars."

– Marge Piercy, author of Woman on the Edge of Time

The Haunted Girl by Lisa M. Bradley

"There is a theme, throughout the collection, of false prisons and false escapes, reflections on who and where one is and where one's going. … at the collection's core: resistance to norms, to imposition, be they of language, sexuality, or mortality. There is a sharpness, a sting to most of these poems, of the kind that makes you hiss and then seek it out again. I loved the collection's bilingualism, both in the presence of Spanish and the musings on being between languages, on the thermodynamics of translation…

Though not a memoir, some of the science-fiction, horror and fantasy pieces in Bradley's book have an autobiographical feel, drawing on the author's youth as a Latina in South Texas. Certainly the innumerable facets of female identity glitter at the heart of these darkly beautiful treks through otherworldly landscapes of desire and pain, belonging and loneliness, creation and destruction."

– Amal El-Mohtar, Nebula, Locus, Hugo, and Rhysling award winner

Mrs. Vargas and the Dead Naturalist by Kathleen Alcalá

"This is a book of wonders. Each story unfolds with humor and simplicity and perfect naturalness into something original and totally unpredictable. Not one tale is like another, yet all together they form a beautiful whole, a world where one would like to stay forever. The kingdoms of Borges and Garcia Marquez lie just over the horizon, but this landscape of desert towns and dreaming hearts, of lost sisters and ghost scientists, canary singers and road readers, is Alcalá-land. It lies across the border between the living and the dead, across all the borders – a true new world."

– Ursula K. Le Guin

Soulsaver by James Stevens-Arce

"A stylistically brilliant satire. Fast-paced, thought-provoking, and utterly engaging."

– Robert J. Sawyer, Nebula and Hugo award-winning author of Quantum Night

High Aztech by Ernest Hogan

"An amazing cyberpunk thrill ride into Mexico's future where the Aztec cultural revolution flourishes and viruses are used to spread more than disease. At once humorous, suspenseful, and plausible, this is what science fiction is all about."

– David Lee Summers, author of Owl Dance and editor of Tales of the Talisman

Lords of the Earth by David Bowles

"Lords of the Earth is a breath-taking, pulse-pounding story with a high body count and an intensely human element that's perfect for a lazy rainy day next to the heater or fireplace, maybe paired with a warm brandy or neat scotch added for a finishing touch. It's a masterful blend of science and Mesoamerican myth and mysticism that sounds outlandish in premise but is so perfectly well executed you won't want to put it down once you start reading."

– Shane Douglas Keene, Hellnotes

Salsa Nocturna by Daniel José Older

"Salsa Nocturna [is a] wonderful book of noir ghost stories. Fresh, smart, and just excellent…It's funny and wise and keeps you turning pages and the prose is truly fresh."

– John Green #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of The Fault in Our Stars

The Assimilated Cuban's Guide to Quantum Santeria by Carlos Hernandez

"Hernandez's witty, insightful debut collection of 12 short stories pushes the boundaries of speculative fiction."

– Publishers Weekly, starred review



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